Hi! I'm Will

As a Business Intelligence Analyst, I make understanding data easy. I'm also working on a few side projects to help out people in their everyday lives.

I am a proud father of one and husband to an amazingly talented showchoir director.

A headshot of will whittenton. He's male, with blond, curly hair and a short beard. He's wearing a small smile.
I grew up farming cotton and soybeans
I've been working dirt since I was little. Nowadays, I live in the suburbs and keep a little garden for summer veggies. I'm planning to learn to can this year! Be on the lookout for pepper jelly.
I studied finance and entrepreneurship
I bounced around more majors than I have fingers to count 'em on, before settling on the "dark side" and going to the business college. Corporate finance still interests me, although I work in analytics.
I do analytics for the #1 US child support contractor
I work for YoungWilliams, a government contractor specializing in child support, payment processing, and contact centers. I'm the resident expert in Power BI and data visualization.
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