I am a proud father of one son and husband to an incredible wife. They are the reason I strive to succeed in all that I do. I am working to build a bright future for my son and to have as much time with my wife as possible as we move further into our marriage.

I work as a business intelligence analyst, bringing data to light so that company leadership has the opportunity to evaluate opportunity and the current business in the best way possible. My personal goal is to reduce the hurdles they face by making problems visible and easily understood and providing guidance and feedback on the best solutions to those issues.

In other spheres, I look to uplift people who are doing great work for themselves and others. I aim to encourage at least one person each day in their endeavors. It is so much fun watching others succeed, and I enjoy every minute of the time I spend doing so.


I evaluate every opportunity that comes before me in light of what I can learn from it, what benefits it will provide to the people it serves, and how it plays into my goals as a whole.

I aim to become a key decision maker in this company and to be a consultant to people building their own ventures. I am becoming so by building an audience on Twitter, refining my craft in analytics, and learning to communicate easily with people at all levels in both my organization and others.

In both rest and work, my goals are the same - I aim to build myself and those around me into better people.


While I was challenged by my parents to succeed academically, my childhood was defined mostly by two things - agriculture and sports. Thanks to Mom, I also had the opportunity to learn piano, rounding out my education with both gritty work and the fine arts.

Dad owned and ran a cotton and soybean farm, and Mom kept the books while becoming an expert in her true career - being a mother to myself and two brothers. I, as a result, became a bit of an expert in dirt, bugs, and the other fascinations of life on wide open acreage we called home. In my teen years, I took on a large responsibility after Dad broke his hip in three places and needed someone to run the state-of-the-art drip irrigation system. We also had center pivots and poly pipe, which rounded out our irrigation technologies. That summer was perhaps the most challenging, and the most fulfilling, of my young life.

Athletically, I was ever-so-slightly above average. Football was my best sport, as I returned kickoffs and became lockdown corner on defense in our small school, while I also rode the bench in basketball and notched a semi-respectable 90 average on the golf course. I was hard on myself though, always pushing and never being satisfied with my abilities. I took much liberty in the anger that caused, so much so that often my football coaches wouldn't punish me for mistakes, knowing that I was mentally punishing myself far more than they would. In the years since, I've learned to accept those mistakes as growth, but at the time it was very hard to understand or accept failure.

My undergrad years at Mississippi State University consisted of much indecision. I cycled through agriculture and engineering, then medicine and finally to business, which a friend of mine jokingly referred to as the "dark side", and with which I have now fallen deeply enamored.

I chose the University of Arkansas for my MBA because of their outstanding entrepreneurship program. During my time there I and two others started and failed SpaceFox, an office-space application of the AirBnB model. I learned much through that failure and have since dreamed of being back in the works for new projects. My work as a business intelligence analyst is fulfilling, but the itch to create and grow my own company has never gone away.